Tell the Senate: No more judicial obstruction

Dear Friend,

Our friends at People For the American Way (PFAW) have been working for a fairer, freer, and more progressive America for 30 years — including a special focus on the federal judiciary.

Over the past two years, Senate Republicans have waged an unprecedented campaign of delay and obstruction to stop President Obama's judicial nominees — even the uncontroversial ones — from being confirmed. And despite the clear results from the election, Republicans still haven't stopped standing in the way.

The result? Denied justice for countless Americans who are forced to wait years to have their day in court.

Please take action with PFAW today, and tell Senate Republicans: End the obstruction and confirm the president's judicial nominees in the current lame duck session.

— Jordan Krueger, Campaign Manager, CREDO Action

The people spoke. Tell the Senate GOP: End the obstruction now!

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Tell Republican Senators to end the obstruction and confirm the president's judicial nominees now.

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Dear Progressive Activist,

Earlier this month, President Obama offered seven new nominees to fill vacancies on federal district courts, showing that while Republicans have been busy obstructing, the White House has been busy finding qualified judges.

The president also urged the Senate to move on 19 judicial nominees (including four appellate court nominees) who continue to languish — some for many, many months — while an abundance of vacancies that overburden the courts and cost countless Americans their access to justice persist.

The election’s over, President Obama won and Democrats expanded their majority in the Senate — what clearer sign do Senate Republicans need that America is fed up with their obstruction and it’s time to confirm these nominees?

Please take a moment to tell Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans to END THE OBSTRUCTION AND CONFIRM THE PRESIDENT’S JUDICIAL NOMINEES IN THE CURRENT LAME DUCK SESSION.

Of the 19 nominations who Senate Republicans continue to filibuster:

  • None of the nominees are in any way controversial, with almost all of them receiving overwhelming bipartisan support in committee.
  • All of the nominees have the support of their home state senators, including those from states with Republican senators.
  • Half of the vacancies the nominees would fill in courts across the country have been declared judicial emergencies because of the crippling effect they’re having on the courts’ ability to do their job.

The unprecedented and unconscionable abuse of the filibuster to obstruct progress and the basic functions of government by Senate Republicans has perhaps been most egregious in the area of presidential nominations, both executive branch nominations and those for the federal courts, but especially judicial nominations.

It’s time for Senate Republicans to take the hint from the election and drop their filibusters. It’s time for the obstruction to end once and for all.

Tell GOP senators to confirm the president’s judges now!

After you take action, please spread the word and share the petition with others via email and social media. We need as many Americans speaking up and telling the GOP to end its shenanigans as we can get.

Thank you for all you do.


Michael Keegan, President


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