President Obama: Don't play politics with the air we breathe

President Obama: Stop soot polution!
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"President Obama, don't play politics with the air we breathe. Implement the strongest possible Clear Air Act limits on soot pollution by the December 14 deadline."
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Tell President Obama: Protect our air from soot pollution.

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The Obama administration is facing a December 14 deadline to update the Clean Air Act with safer limits on soot pollution, a dangerous form of particulate air pollution from power plants, diesel engines and factories.

We shouldn't need to convince President Obama of the importance of clean air, but after his decision last September to torpedo the EPA's ozone rule — throwing public health and his own EPA under the bus in a naked pander to major polluters — we can no longer assume his commitment.1

There is essentially no safe level of soot pollution, and the current rules are badly in need of updating after President Bush refused to honor the last deadline in 2006.

President Obama shouldn't drag his feet, too. In his first post-election clean air test, he can set a precedent for strong defense of the Clean Air Act in his second term.

Tell President Obama: Protect our air from soot pollution. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Soot — also known as "black carbon" — clouds our air and our lungs, causing asthma and heart attacks. Itis potentially linked to a host of other illnesses, including cancer and reproductive problems.

Stronger standards can save up to 35,700 lives and prevent 1.4 million asthma attacks and 2,350 heart attacks each year, producing EPA-estimated health benefits of $30 to $86 for every dollar invested in pollution control.2

Not only that, but black carbon is the second leading cause of global warming, after carbon dioxide. Meaningful reductions can be achieved with existing technology, and the vast majority of counties in the U.S. would be unaffected by the new rules.

We need to urge the White House to pass the strongest possible soot rule by the deadline — not weaken, delay or fully derail the rule entirely.

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Thank you for urging President Obama to protect our air.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Obama ozone decision blindsides enviros — and his own EPA," Politico, 9/2/11
2. "Sick of soot," EarthJustice


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