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Tell Ohio's Secretary of State: Count every vote.

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With razor thin margins predicted in Ohio, the state's Republican Secretary of State took steps this weekend to modify vote counting procedures in a way that could invalidate thousands of provisional ballots.1

Previously, it was the responsibility of trained election workers to record identification information presented by voters who submit provisional ballots. But now Secretary of State Jon Husted has put that burden on voters to record this information (which can often be confusing to identify) on their provisional ballots — paving the way for a significant number of ballots to be thrown out due to recording errors even though the voter presented a valid ID that was accepted by the pollworker.

Tell Ohio's Secretary of State: Count every vote — rescind your administrative orders aimed at suppressing the vote in Ohio. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Husted, a Republican, has already been working to suppress the vote in his state. Many workers who have trouble getting to the polls during regular business hours on a Tuesday traditionally favor weekend early voting. Husted tried to end weekend early voting in Ohio by reducing the state's five weekends of early voting to zero. In response, the courts ordered him to maintain access to one weekend of early voting — the weekend before the election — open to Ohio voters, though allowing him to cancel the previous four weekends of access. As a result, voters at many early vote locations had to wait outside in the cold, in lines stretching outside the buildings and around city blocks.

And now, as the election in Ohio is reportedly a dead heat, and it's clear the state's 18 electoral votes could very well decide the presidency, Husted is taking additional steps to suppress the votes of Ohio citizens.

Republicans have a long tradition of partisan Secretaries of State like Ohio's Ken Blackwell and Florida's Katherine Harris who cared more about delivering their state's elections to Republicans than ensuring their state's citizens could cast a ballot that counts.

We cannot let Jon Husted join their ranks and use his position as the chief of elections in Ohio to swing his state's electoral votes to Mitt Romney.

Tell Ohio's Secretary of State: Stop the shenanigans and count every vote. Click the link below to automatically sign the petition:

Thank you for standing up to help stop Republicans from stealing this election.

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. Andrew Cohen, "Ohio's Provisional Ballot Order: The Biggest Legal Story of the Weekend," The Atlantic, November 4, 2012.


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