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Subject: Tell Walmart to ensure basic safety and human rights of workers

Dear Friend,

This past weekend at least 112 workers were killed in a devastating fire at a garment factory in Bangladesh - Tazreen Fashion Ltd. - which had been making clothes under a Walmart brand.

The stories coming from surviving workers are horrifying. They were trapped in the fire as there were no emergency exits and an exit door was locked. According to a report, "fire extinguishers didn't work and apparently were there just to impress inspectors, and that when the fire alarm went off, workers were told by their bosses to go back to their sewing machines." Shockingly, 12 people died at the hospitals after jumping from the eight-story building.

Walmart initially tried to evade responsibility by claiming it was not aware of any connection to that factory. But the corporation was finally forced to admit the connection after photos were published that showed clothing with Walmart's exclusive "Faded Glory" label at that factory after the fire.

I just signed a petition demanding Walmart ensure basic safety for its workers by signing onto the fire safety inspection program that other international brands have already signed. Click below for more information and to join the cause.

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