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Tell Sen. Grassley: Don't let the government spy on my email without a warrant

Dear Friend,

An assault on internet privacy may be headed towards passage in the Senate unless we can mobilize now. We wouldn't contact you right before Thanksgiving if it weren't urgent.

A bill proposed by Senator Patrick Leahy will be coming up for a committee vote next week and your senator is on that committee. Originally, the bill was crafted with the help of a coalition of Internet companies to strengthen and update a decades-old privacy law. But now, people who've been working with Sen. Leahy's office are saying a new version could allow over 20 different Federal agencies to spy on your email without a warrant.1

When news broke about the bill, Senator Leahy was quick to denounce the new version and stated publicly that he doesn't support these loopholes that would allow the government to read our emails without a warrant,2 but we have to ensure that this last-minute push by anti-privacy forces doesn't gain any traction at all. We need your Senator — a key vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee — to know that this intrusion into the private communications of Americans is completely unacceptable.

Tell Sen. Grassley: Vote NO on any bill before the Judiciary Committee that allows government agencies to read my email without a warrant. Click here to sign automatically.

Sen. Leahy's office has denied that he would support any warrantless search provisions in his bill. But he has a mixed record on privacy. Sen. Leahy was an author of the Protect IP Act (PIPA, the Senate version of SOPA) which would have allowed the government to shut down Web sites accused of copyright infringement. That bill died after a massive public backlash, which included a protest blackout by popular web sites including Wikipedia.

Public outcry has forced Sen. Leahy's office to publicly restate his commitment to requiring a warrant whenever government agencies want to snoop in someone's email.3 But we're not out of the woods yet. We need to ensure that other members of Senate Judiciary Committee know that we are counting on them to vote against any amendments that would allow spying on Americans.

Tell Sen. Grassley: Vote NO on any bill before the Judiciary Committee that allows government agencies to read my email without a warrant. Click the link below to sign automatically:

Because your senator sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, your voice is urgently needed in this fight.

Thank you for speaking out for our constitutional rights.

Jordan Krueger, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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