More ways to urge Gov. Cuomo to ban fracking in New York

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Subject: Big news in the fight against fracking

Dear Friend,

Big news out of New York has major implications across the country for the fight against fracking - the rapidly expanding practice of gas drilling that contaminates drinking water, produces cancer-causing air pollution, and generates millions of gallons of toxic wastewater.

Governor Cuomo's administration had been working on rules to lift New York's ban on fracking. And as recently as a few months ago, it appeared all but certain that Governor Cuomo would open New York to fracking before Labor Day.

But thanks to the fierce public opposition of New Yorkers, including tens of thousands of CREDO members urging Cuomo to maintain New York's current ban, the Cuomo administration just announced that it will "likely" restart the process of drafting fracking regulations, resulting in a major delay of at least many months.

The delay shows that public pressure, and uncompromising opposition, is an effective tool to stop fracking. Governor Cuomo is considering a run for president in 2016, so he's susceptible to pressure from activists all over the country. If we can convince him to take a leadership role in stopping the reckless rush to frack, what he does in New York can help protect all of us from dangerous fracking.

Tell Governor Cuomo: Be a leader to protect all of us from fracking. Ban fracking in New York:

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