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Sign up for a two-hour volunteer shift on Tuesday to call voters in Michigan about a crucial clean energy initiative.
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Fight for clean energy in Michigan: Make calls this Tuesday.

Dear Friend,

On November 6, Michigan will have the opportunity to take a dramatic stand against dirty energy by voting YES on Proposal 3, a renewable-energy amendment that will reduce pollution by boosting wind and solar energy and create an estimated 94,000 local clean-energy jobs.1

Proposal 3 is the "most important clean-energy vote" in the nation this year,2 but passing it won't be easy.

Big coal and dirty-energy utilities are spending tens of millions of dollars to flood Michigan's airwaves with misleading ads to try to defeat Proposal 3. It's going to take grassroots people power to win in Michigan, and we need your help.

On Tuesday, clean-energy supporters from across the nation are volunteering to call voters in Michigan to talk to them about Proposal 3 and why they should support it. Can you join our friends at Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs and volunteer for a two-hour shift?

Don't let corporate polluters defeat the clean-energy initiative. Click here to learn more and sign up to make calls to fight for clean energy and against dirty coal on Tuesday.

Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs, which is leading the effort to pass Proposal 3, plans to make 60,000 phone calls to persuadable Michigan voters on Tuesday — and they need your help to do it. In order to volunteer on Tuesday, you won't even need to leave your own home. All you'll need is a phone and an internet connection — our friends at Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs will provide everything else.

If approved, Proposal 3 will require Michigan utilities to generate at least 25% of their electricity from clean and renewable sources of energy like wind and solar power by 2025. It is a win-win proposition for Michigan that will create 94,000 good-paying local jobs, reduce the power plant pollution that makes us sick, and generate an estimated $10 billion in private investments in the state.

But if Michigan doesn't approve Proposal 3, the status quo will continue — and it isn't pretty. Despite the fact that Michigan doesn't have any coal, 58% of the state's electricity comes from coal plants, which import their dirty coal from other states for more than $1 billion each year.3

With one week left until Election Day, this is the time when contacting voters counts the most. With your help, we can pass Proposal 3 and show the dirty energy industry that it can't buy our democracy.

Click here to sign up to make calls to fight for clean energy and against dirty coal on Tuesday.

Thank you for fighting for clean energy.

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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