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Subject: Don't let the Republicans steal Colorado for Romney

Dear Friend,

Colorado has emerged as the latest front in the Republican scheme to disenfranchise voters. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, a Republican has taken a page straight out of Katherine Harris and Rick Scott's Florida playbook of voter suppression by sending ominous and legalistic letters to thousands of voters in Colorado, questioning their eligibility to vote.

Gessler is targeting "suspected non-citizens" who applied for a driver's license with a non-citizen document even though it is possible to apply for a driver's license before becoming a citizen and before registering to vote. Gessler's tactics appear to be nothing more than another Republican attempt to suppress anti-Romney votes in a crucial battleground state. So far Gessler's politically motivated search hasn't turned up any non-citizens who voted in previous elections.

I just told Attorney General Eric Holder to immediately suspend and investigate Gessler's efforts to purge eligible citizens from the voter rolls in Colorado. I hope you will join the cause by signing this petition as well.

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