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Tea Party extremists must be thanking their lucky stars for the Supreme Court's horrendous Citizens United decision.

If the election came down to what the American people thought about the Tea Party, these extremists would be in a heap of trouble. Instead, corporations and billionaires have free rein to pour unlimited money into campaigns, and the result of this congressional election is anybody's guess.

We cannot let them buy two more years of Tea Party rule.

Contribute $5 or more, and get a limited-edition CREDO SuperPAC "Overturn Citizens United" sticker to help defeat the Tea Party Ten and Michele Bachmann.

Donate $5  or more and get your Overturn Citizens United sticker

If the last few weeks have made anything clear it's that the Tea Party values of Paul Ryan and Todd Akin control the entire Republican ticket, and the Tea Party attacks on women, the environment, Medicare and Medicaid are wildly unpopular.

But as long as corporations are considered people, then real people can be drowned out by money — unless we step up.

Unless we step up, Joe Walsh, Allen West and Mike Coffman can keep spewing hate, Sean Duffy, Chip Cravaack and Steve King can keep up their radical attacks on women, and Michele Bachmann can keep acting like Michele Bachmann with zero actual repercussions.

With the conventions now over, this is go time. The grassroots campaigns we are building against the Tea Party Ten (and Michele Bachmann, too) can make the difference, but we've got a lot to do, and not much time to do it.

Fight Tea Party extremism and Citizens United with a contribution of $5 or more to get your limited-edition CREDO SuperPAC sticker.

Thanks for standing with us.

Mudcat Arnold, Campaign Manager

P.S. — If you didn't get an Overturn Citizens United T-shirt, it's not too late to get yours.

CREDO SuperPAC is working to defeat ten of the most extreme Tea Party Republicans in Congress — Allen West (FL-18), Dan Lungren (CA-7), Joe Walsh (IL-8), Chip Cravaack (MN-8), Sean Duffy (WI-7), Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8), Frank Guinta (NH-1), Steve King (IA-4), Mike Coffman (CO-6) and Jim Renacci (OH-16) — and Michele Bachmann (MN-6) too! Learn more at

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