Hope not coal. Please spread the word.

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Subject: Tell the Obama campaign: Drop your cynical pro-coal ad!

Dear Friend,

Part of leadership is having the courage to tell the truth even when it's difficult.

And right now we need leadership from President Obama to overturn a decision by his campaign to run radio ads in Ohio which promote coal and incredibly actually criticize Mitt Romney for saying (when he was a different person, in 2003) that the pollution from coal plants kills people.

The reality is that Mitt Romney's campaign is being buoyed by a massive injection of cash from fossil fuel polluters like the Koch brothers. And he's pulling his pro-coal talking points straight from the Tea Party. So an ad suggesting that President Obama is more coal-loving than Romney isn't just cynical, it's misleading.

Join me in urging the Obama campaign to drop its cynical pro-coal ad:


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