Stop Iowa Republicans from revictimizing rape and incest survivors

Tell the Iowa Department of Human Services to protect the rights of rape and incest survivors, and  Iowa families.
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"No woman should be forced to carry her rapist's child to term. Don't cut funding for rape and incest survivors, and ensure 400,000 Iowans don't lose their Medicaid coverage."
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Tell Iowa Department of Human Services: Follow federal law — don't revictimize rape and incest survivors.

Dear Friend,

Iowa House Republicans are so committed to their anti-choice agenda that they're willing to revictimize rape survivors and endanger the health of low-income families.1 It's up to you, and the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS), to stop them.

Make sure Iowa protects the rights of rape and incest survivors, and protects Medicaid for low-income families. Tell the Iowa Department of Human Services to follow federal law.

No woman should be revictimized by being forced to carry her rapist's child to term, simply because she can't afford other options. For 36 years, both anti-choice and pro-choice advocates have held a truce on this issue, but now 41 extremists in the Iowa House are declaring war on Iowa women and Iowa families, for their own electoral gain.2

They've sent a petition to the DHS demanding that it break federal law and deny low-income rape and incest survivors the right to use Medicaid funds if they choose to terminate their pregnancies.

And as if that weren't bad enough, this blatant disregard for the law could jeopardize the state's entire $1.9 billion annual Medicaid grant, and put roughly 400,000 Iowans at risk of losing their health care coverage.3

Click here to tell the Director of the Iowa Department of Human Services to follow federal law and put the health of Iowa women and families before the whims of extremists.

The 41 politicians demanding this outrageous and irresponsible change in policy don't represent the will of the people. But we have to make that clear to the rulemakers in the Iowa DHS before they make a mistake that would have dire consequences for rape and incest survivors and everyday Iowans.

Sign our petition now, and we'll make sure that the Director of the Department of Human Services knows that Iowans are watching, and we want him to follow federal law.

Thanks for standing up for Iowa women and families,

Becky Bond
Political Director
CREDO Action

1. "Iowa GOP Targets Abortions For Low-Income Rape, Incest Victims," Huffington Post, 06-20-12.
2. "GOP group seeks to curb Medicaid-paid abortions," Des Moines Register, 06-19-12.
3. "Making Sense of Medicaid, Iowa Hospital Association, 02-27-12.


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