Spread the word - defend NPR, PBS and Planned Parenthood!

Thanks for taking action. We need to push back hard to make sure no part of the Tea Party's all-you-can-crazy bill becomes reality.
Please spread the word to make sure this partisan attack on NRP, PBS, Planned Parenthood and vital institutions doesn't gain any traction in Congress.

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Seriously?!? Defend @NPR, @PBS, Planned Parenthood and @AmeriCorps from the Tea Party's #omnibusofcrazy bill: http://bit.ly/PmMmlX

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--The CREDO Action Team

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Subject: Tell Congress: Defend NPR, PBS and Planned Parenthood!

Dear Friend,

A bill to defund NPR. And PBS. And Planned Parenthood!?! And as if that's not enough, why not throw in Americorps and Obama's healthcare law? Let's also slash funding for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while we're at it.

The nightmare labor, health and education bill introduced by Republicans in the House this week sounds like something out of the Tea Party's wildest dreams. But since Tea Party Republicans control the House, their wildest dreams could be about to come true.

Tea Party Republicans have tried to do destroy these popular programs again and again. And we've stopped them every time. But never have they put so much vitriol all in one bill. We need to push back hard. Take action now:


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