Protest Steve King in Ames on Monday

Take  Down Steve King
Protest King's Record and Insulting Remarks about Iowa's Unemployed at his Ames Fundraiser.
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Monday, July 16th at 5:50 p.m.: Protest King's insulting remarks about unemployed Iowans.

Dear Friend,

Last Monday, Steve King said something to CNN that anyone who's ever lost a job should find incredibly insulting. Over 85,000 Iowans are now unemployed and facing a harsh job market, yet King actually had the audacity to say they "should do their fair share."1

But next Monday evening, while many of his constituents are looking for work and coming up empty-handed, Steve King will be holding a fundraiser at Ames' Hickory's Hall and talking to wealthy donors about how he'll protect their interests.

Join us for a protest outside King's fundraiser on Monday to demand he stop criticizing his unemployed constituents and start helping Iowans get back to work.

King isn't just out-of-touch with everyday Iowans, he actively disdains them. He even suggested that he likes a society where people feel guilty for struggling and needing temporary help to feed their families.

There's no excuse for King's outrageous remarks, nor his choice to spend more private time with his well-off donors while turning his back on unemployed Iowans and their families. But, with your help, we can speak out and show that his handful of wealthy donors don't speak for everyday Iowans. Together we will show him that people power, not money, will win this election.

Join CREDO members to deliver a powerful message to King and Ames voters — Iowa deserves better.

What: Protest King's Record and Insulting Remarks at his Ames Fundraiser
When: Monday, July 15th at 5:50 p.m.
Where: K-Mart Parking Lot, S. 16th and Kellogg Ave., Ames, IA 50010 (map).
Why: Because King's outrageous remarks are an embarrassment, and together we'll stand up with unemployed Iowans to take him down.

RSVP to let us know you're thinking about joining us. Members of Seniors Against King, Women Against King, and community members will be there, and if you want to reach us in advance, you can email our organizer Hannah Elger at

Alec Johnson
District Director
CREDO SuperPAC's Take Down Steve King campaign.

1. Rep. King: Pres. Obama inciting 'class envy' over tax cuts; Americans not in workforce 'should do their fair share', CNN, 7/10/2012.


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