Keep Religious Right propaganda off public television.

No Religious Right propaganda on public television
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"Don't give David Barton's Religious Right propaganda free airtime on public television. It would be a major disservice to your viewers to present his revisionist history as educational programming."
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Religious Right propaganda shouldn't get free airtime on public television.

Dear Friend,

Do you think public television should give free airtime to Religious Right propaganda?

Neither did two senior employees of Alabama Public Television who objected to airing a TV series produced by right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton — a Religious Right activist who supports imprisoning gay people.1

But when they spoke up, they were fired by the Republican-controlled Alabama Educational Television Commission.2

Public television is beloved for featuring entertaining, educational content not hatred and lies.

Tell the Alabama Educational Television Commission: Keep Religious Right propaganda off public television. Click here to automatically add your name.

A fringe figure just a few years ago, David Barton has quickly skyrocketed to the center of the conservative movement.

He's busy re-writing Texas textbooks to remove references to Martin Luther King, Jr.3, advising politicians like Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann, and regularly appearing on shows like Glenn Beck's to argue that all our laws should be based on his right-wing interpretation of the Bible.

Now he's trying to push his views into the mainstream, disguising his hateful misinformation as non-political educational content.

We can't let David Barton rewrite history on public television. Let's send a message that public television should broadcast educational content, not hateful lies.

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Thank you for speaking out.

Heidi Hess, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Barton: 'I Don't Care What the Supreme Court Says,' Homosexuality Should be Illegal," People for the American Way, May 24, 2012.
2. "Exclusive: Dismissals at Alabama PTV linked to concerns over proposed broadcast of videos from religious right ,", June 13, 2012.
3. "Revisionaries: How a group of Texas conservatives is rewriting your kids' textbooks," Washington Monthly, January/February, 2010.


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