Thank you for taking action to stop Republicans from doubling interest rate on student loans

Thanks for taking action.

Here are some ways you can spread the word to make sure the U.S. Senate get the message loud and clear.

If you are on Facebook, click here to post the petition to your Wall.

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Tell your Senator: Do not let the GOP double interest rates on fed student loans via @CREDOMobile #DontDoubleMyRate

You can also send the following e-mail to your friends and family. Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

Thanks for all you do.

--The CREDO Action Team

Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Tell your Senator: Join the fight to stop the doubling of student loan interest rates

Dear Friend,

Keeping federally subsidized student loans affordable for the families who need them most will provide millions of working class Americans with much needed economic relief. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) has introduced the Student Loan Affordability Act (S. 2051) which locks in the federally subsidized student loan rate at 3.4 percent and prevents it from doubling this summer.

It is urgent that we organize in support of Senator Reed's legislation today to make sure that interest rates do not double on July 1. The more Senators who come out in support of S. 2051 today, the more likely it will be that Congress acts on this issue before interest rates double this summer.

I just signed a petition asking my senator to stop Republicans from doubling the interest rate on student loans by cosponsoring the Student Loan Affordability Act (S.2051). Can you join the cause today? Thanks for taking action.

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