Hold these two tea party extremists accountable

Giant pink slips for Lungren and Fitzpatrick
We have an opportunity to Take Down these two Tea Party extremists. Chip in now to hold Lungren, Fitzpatrick and all of the Tea Party Ten accountable.
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We're taking down Dan Lungren and Mike Fitzpatrick.

Dear Friend,

Special delivery for Rep. Dan Lungren and Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick: You're fired.

Both of these Tea Party extremists voted to defund Planned Parenthood and abolish Medicare. But that's just the beginning. Lungren is California's Rick Santorum, whose three decades of extremism include leading attacks on women and marriage equality. Fitzpatrick backs everything from the Tea Party's radical attacks to their paranoid conspiracy theories.1

That's why they'll be joining the six other dubious extremists in the Tea Party Ten. And why a few CREDO activists just dropped off giant pink slips at their office to put them on notice: We're going to take them down.2

We need your help to do it. Chip in $5 to Take Down Tea Party extremists Dan Lungren and Mike Fitzpatrick.

Newly drawn Congressional boundaries in these two districts mean there is a real opportunity for grassroots activism to stand up to shady SuperPAC money in 2012, and defeat these radical extremists. And the activists who dropped off the pink slips can't wait to get started.

CREDO delivers Lungren and Fitzpatrick their pink slips

We've already got 22 paid organizers in eight Congressional districts around the country,3 finding and opening field offices and organizing district events. And we're committed to defeating Lungren and Fitzpatrick, along with Joe Walsh, Chip Cravaack, Steve King, Frank Guinta, Dean Duffy and Allen West.

But to do it, we need to double the number of organizers in the field in the coming weeks.

If everyone reading this chipped in $5, we'd have the funds we need to pay all our field organizers through November.

We're building a volunteer army to tell the truth abut Fitzpatrick and Lungren: They are working for radical interests and themselves, not the people in their districts.

When the Obama Administration refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, Dan Lungren was eager to volunteer $1.5 million of your tax payer dollars to defend it. And after Congress passed laws to cut down on lobbyist giveaways to lawmakers, Lungren still found a way to spend four days lounging around a Hawaiian resort thanks to his lobbyist buddies.4

Mike Fitzpatrick started off his Congressional term with the "ultimate embarrassment"5 missing his swearing in to attend a fundraiser. Since then, he's repeatedly thrown his own constituents under the bus — slashing local block grants in his district and voting to abolish preventative Medicare benefits for 110,000 seniors he represents — while voting four times against bill that would have cracked down on Big Oil's price gouging.

They've got to go. Chip in $5 to defeat them now:

It's not just that guys like Fitzpatrick and Lungren serve themselves and extreme interests above all else: Their decisions have real consequences for real people.

Whether it's the life of the woman who is denied necessary health services, or the CREDO activist who told Dan Lungren's District Director "tell him, if he cares, there's many people like me, that if we lose our social security, we lose our houses."

That's why we need to Take Down the Tea Party Ten. Thanks for your support.

Matthew "Mudcat" Arnold, Campaign Manager

P.S. — We've got two spots left in the Tea Party Ten. Which Tea Party Republicans do you want to see us Take Down? Submit your suggestions here.

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