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Tell Congress to support @RepBarbaraLee's bill to avoid an unnecessary and costly war with #Iran.

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Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Tell your member of Congress to co-sponsor Rep. Lee's bill to avoid an unnecessary and costly war with Iran.

Dear Friend,

As we approach the ninth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, we once again see dangerous momentum for another irresponsible, unnecessary and costly war -- this time with Iran.

Fear-mongering and propaganda aside, Iran is not an imminent threat to the United States -- and we haven't yet exhausted all avenues for diplomacy to ensure Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon.

Unfortunately, while the American people are opposed to another war of choice, those pushing for war have been far more vocal and organized than the rest of us.

I just signed a petition telling my member of Congress to support legislation that would ensure we pursue all diplomatic avenues to avoid a war. I hope you'll sign it too.

You can find more information about the situation and easily sign the petition at the link below.

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