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Tell AG Holder: Release all legal docs justifying killing of Americans w/o judicial review | cc: @TheJusticeDept

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Subject: Tell Eric Holder: Release secret memos authorizing assassination of Americans without judicial review

Dear Friend,

Not even the Bush Administration had the audacity to publicly and explicitly assert the right to execute Americans citizens without judicial review. But in a speech at Northwestern University this week, Attorney General Eric Holder offered a detailed defense of the Obama Administration's unprecedented step of authorizing targeted executions of American citizens through a secretive CIA assassination program.

Holder defended a secret assassination program of Americans abroad by arguing constitutional protections of "due process" do not include "judicial process." The constitution does not allow the executive to be judge, jury and executioner.

The ACLU has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking information about the assassination program, but Holder's Justice Department has responded to the request by saying they can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any records. We need to pressure the Department of Justice to release all legal documents that related to the purported "justification" of the Obama Administration's extra-judicial killings.

It is unacceptable and unconstitutional for the executive branch of the U.S. government to secretly kill American citizens abroad without due process that includes impartial judicial review. I just told Holder: Release the documents the Obama Administration is using to justify its authority to kill American citizens without judicial review.

Will you join me and speak up to defend our Constitution today? Thank you.

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