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"Thank you for standing up to the right wing and ensuring that women have full access to no-cost birth control no matter where they work or go to school."
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Protect access to birth control!

Dear Friend,

President Obama did the right thing for women when he rejected the demands of rightwing activists to limit access to no-cost birth control.1

But before these new guidelines go into effect, his administration is holding a public comment period on the new rules. And we know that anti-woman activists will flood President Obama's Department of Health and Human Serivces with comments urging the administration to overturn their historic decision.

If President Obama had caved to the demands of these radical activists, certain employers like religiously affiliated universities and hospitals would have been allowed to prevent their female employees and students from having access to the same health care as every other woman in America.

We must ensure that President Obama hears that the vast majority of Americans support his decision to ensure no-cost birth control for all women. Click here to submit a public comment in support of access to birth control.

The Department of Health and Human Services and the medical community agree that providing no-cost birth control is an essential part of preventive health care for women. And Kathleen Sebelius, the director of HHS, said that providing birth control at no cost to women should be like "covering flu shots."2

However, before activists from CREDO and Planned Parenthood began petitioning President Obama, the New York Times reported that the president was dangerously close to caving to the demands of the anti-woman lobby by adding a giant loophole that would keep a large number of women from being able to access no-cost birth control.3

CREDO members sent over 160,000 petitions and made over 3,000 calls to the White House asking President Obama not to cave.

In the end, President Obama listened to our call to protect women's health. But that doesn't mean our work is done.

The anti-woman extremists who are unhappy with President Obama for taking this stand will surely let him know. So let's make sure he hears from those of us who support him standing strong and protecting access to contraception.

Make sure that President Obama hears that the vast majority of Americans support his decision to ensure no-cost birth control for all women.

Click below to submit a comment in support of access to contraception:

Thank you for standing up for women's access to birth control.

Ali Rozell, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Obama Birth Control Policy: Administration Lays Out Proposals For Carrying Out Compromise," N.C. Aizenman, The Huffington Post, 3-16-2012.
2. "New U.S. rules require insurance coverage for contraception," N.C. Aizenman, The Washington Post, 8-1-2011.
3. "Democrats Urge Obama to Protect Contraceptive Coverage in Health Plans," Robert Pear, New York Times, 11-19-2011.


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