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As our first local organizers get started in the field, help the CREDO SuperPAC reach 30,000 donors to Take Down the Tea Party Ten.
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We're taking it to the Tea Party Ten.

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The CREDO SuperPAC's first organizers just hit the ground in Minnesota and Illinois, and next week they're getting started in Wisconsin and Florida.

That's exciting, because not a day goes by that doesn't demand accountability for Tea Party extremists in Congress; whether it's Frank Guinta and Joe Walsh presiding over the all-male Congressional panel on birth control1, or Allen West invoking the prospect of "a second Holocaust" to push for war with Iran.2

Once our lead organizers get up and running, we're going to hire dozens more organizers to build a volunteer army in each of the ten districts — so the people with the misfortune of being represented by the Tea Party Ten will be empowered to hold them accountable.

It's going to be an awesome thing to watch over the coming months. But now we need your help to get there.

Can you chip in $5 to help us reach 30,000 donors to Take Down the Tea Party Ten?

Local activists in these districts are energized by this local, grassroots accountability campaign, and the notion of a people-powered SuperPAC.

Two weeks ago, Campaign Manager Mudcat Arnold and I were greeted by a great crowd of folks at our first campaign meeting in Schaumburg, Illinois, in Joe Walsh's district — and had great meetings with committed, fed-up folks in Ames, Iowa, where Steve King is running for re-election, in Chip Cravaack's district in Duluth, Minnesota, and Sean Duffy's district in Wausau, Wisconsin.

We heard a lot of the same words come up in talking about these Tea Party Republicans, and most of them weren't very nice. "Idiot," "extremist," "embarrassment," "unfit." These folks couldn't wait to go to work.

But outside of the meetings — when we were having breakfast at the 4:30 am coffee shop in Chippewa Falls, WI, or checking into the Comfort Inn in Savage, MN — we met some folks who weren't as tuned in to politics. A lot of people don't realize they are represented by some of the worst of the worst, the Tea Partiers who are leading the assaults on women and the environment.

Those are the voters we need to reach, and this is the value of building a campaign of neighbor to neighbor organizing, to give local activists the tools to get the truth out there, in a way that's going to be most effective. That's how we can to beat these guys, but this kind of campaign takes time, energy and money, so we need your help.

As our first organizers are getting up and running in the districts, we're closing in on 25,000 activists who have made a donation to build this campaign. But it looks like you haven't chipped in yet.

Chip in $5 to help us reach 30,000 strong across the country to take down the Tea Party Ten.

Thanks for your support,

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Rep. Joe Walsh Says Birth Control Issue "Not About Women" Chicagoist, February, 17, 2012
2. "Allen West Pushing for War, Says 'Iran Is as Dangerous as Nazi Germany, Broward New Times, March 7, 2012
To learn more about all of the Tea Party Extremists in the Tea Party Ten, click here.

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