Keystone XL vote in the Senate: Call now.

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The Senate votes today on Republicans' radical anti-environmental amendments to the Transportation bill, including to force approval of Keystone XL. Call now to urge Sen. Harkin to reject the end run on Keystone XL and other public health protections. Click here for a simple script and number to call.
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Call Sen. Harkin today: Reject Keystone XL and other anti-envrionmental riders.

Dear Friend,

Late last night Sen. Harry Reid struck a deal with Republicans in the Senate who are insisting on attaching radical anti-environmental amendments on the transportation bill.

Reid will allow votes on a Republican amendment to force approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, as well as other anti-environmental riders including to block EPA's crucial clean air boiler rule, and provisions to force expanded oil drilling.1

The Senate starts voting on these amendments today. It is very likely there are 60 senators who are at least considering voting for a Keystone XL amendment. We need to put massive pressure on every single Democrat and swing vote in the Senate to block these amendments from being approved.

Please call Sen. Harkin now and urge him to oppose Keystone XL and other radical environmental amendments in the Transportation bill.

Republicans are trying to make the transportation bill a massive giveaway to oil companies and other polluters, and make end runs around the White House, EPA and established processes for evaluating pipelines, setting pollution standards and regulating drilling.

Reid himself is also pushing a terrible amendment heaping tens of billions in giveaways to promote natural gas vehicles, which would have the impact of expanding dangerous fracking.2

The problem is that a dangerous number of Democrats might be pressured to go vote for these amendments. And we have no assurances that President Obama would veto a transportation bill with Keystone XL or a provision to roll back crucial clean air protections attached.

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Sen. Reid indicated again that he was going to let Republican obstructionism dictate votes on unrelated attacks on our environment and public health:

"I think it's unfortunate we're going to have to have votes on a number of amendments that have nothing, nothing to do with this underlying piece of legislation. This is one thing that the American people really don't like, and our town hall meetings, our visitations with people throughout the state, I've come to the realization that they hate this so-called, what they call riders, things that have nothing to do with bills. Senate rules allow them in most instances, and so if it takes this to get this bill done, we'll have to move forward in that way."3

We don't know if Reid's willingness to make a deal indicates an overconfidence in the number of sane environmental votes in the Senate, President Obama's desire to cut a deal regardless of the cost, just being a terrible negotiator, or something else.

But we do know that now is a moment to pick up the phone and let Senators know that they will be held accountable for supporting these anti-environmental amendments. Please call Sen. Harkin now:

Please make the call today. Thanks for you activism.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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