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Subject: Access to birth control under attack in Congress.

Dear Friend,

In the face of immense public pressure from anti-woman extremists like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, President Obama listened to women's rights advocates and made an historic advancement for women's health with new regulations that require insurance coverage for birth control with no co-pays for women.

However, the radical anti-contraception advocates are now turning to Congress in an attempt to restrict women's access to this vitally important health care.

Tea party Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced legislation that would override President Obama's decision, and allow any employer, regardless of religious affiliation, to deny access to no-cost birth control to their employees. And some Democrats may cave on this important issue, especially if Republicans attach an anti-birth control provision or amendment onto an unrelated, "must pass" bill.

And your representatives in Congress need to hear that you oppose this radical legislation.

I told my representatives in Congress: Don't vote for any bill that includes an anti-birth control amendment or provision. And you should too. You can sign the petition and get more information at the link below.

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