Ask Mitt Romney: Will you ban birth control?

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Would Mitt Romney ban birth control?

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Members of the extreme and anti-woman Religious Right want to make it legal to ban birth control.

These anti-birth control activists wield so much influence in the Republican primaries that Rick Santorum unequivocally stated on the campaign trail that he opposes contraception and thinks states should be able to ban the use of contraceptives.1

And it's not just Santorum. In a Republican presidential debate on Saturday, Mitt Romney, thought to be more moderate than Santorum, refused to answer a point blank question on whether he supported the right of individual states to ban birth control.2

It's a simple question.

Does Mitt Romney want to make it constitutional to ban birth control in America? Demand a yes or no answer. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

More than 99% of women in America who are sexually active have used contraceptives.3 That is an astounding proportion of the electorate who would be directly affected by the legislative agenda of an anti-contraception president. We deserve to know whether Mitt Romney would work to deny those women the right to access birth control.

The right to use contraceptives was guaranteed in the Supreme Court ruling in Griswold v. Connecticut. This ruling guaranteed a right to privacy and deemed it unconstitutional to outlaw birth control.

The public has a right to know if Romney agrees with Santorum that Griswold should be overturned — and whether he would seek to overturn it through judicial appointments, legislation or constitutional amendments that would make it possible for states to ban birth control.

As a frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney very well could be the next President of the United States, and we know that anti-choice members of Congress will continue to push anti-contraceptive legislation. If a bill limiting access to contraception crosses his desk, Romney will have to choose whether to stop the attacks on the millions of women who use contraceptives.

The American people deserve a clear, unambiguous public statement regarding Romney's position on women's access to birth control.

Does Mitt Romney want to make it constitutional to ban birth control in America? Demand a yes or no answer.

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Thank you for speaking out to protect women's rights.

Ali Rozell, Campaign Manager
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1."Rick Santorum is coming for your birth control," Salon, 1-4-2012.
2."GOP debate: Mitt Romney grows foggy on contraception," LA Times, 1-7-2012.
3."Facts on Contraceptive Use in the United States," Guttmacher Institute, June 2010.

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