VICTORY: Robocall bill "Dead. Done. Buried."

CREDO Action

Dear Friend,

Your activism worked! The co-sponsors of the bill that would allow marketers to endlessly call your cell phone have decided not to continue to push the legislation. In fact, Rep. Lee Terry, the main sponsor of the bill said that, "we're driving a stake through its heart. Dead. Done. Buried."1

That's right: After over 220,000 CREDO members like you spoke out against this bill that would have ended 20 years of consumer protection, the Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011 will not be brought to the House floor for a vote.

This victory is a testament to the fact that your activism can and does make a difference. Although the bill was being pushed by big corporate interests like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Bankers Association, activism from hundreds of thousands of consumers showed that together, we can effectively work against groups who want to infringe on our right to privacy.

Thank you for your work to protect consumers' rights.

Ali Rozell, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

P.S. There is another bill sponsored by big corporations that is moving quickly through the House. And this legislation would end the internet as we know it.

If it passes, the Internet Censorship Act would give corporate copyright holders the authority to demand that the government shut down any website without a court order. All they would need is to allege that the website contains copyrighted material.

This bill is an outright attack on our free internet. If it passes, the government could shut down a website like YouTube if a member does something like post a video of themselves singing a copyrighted song.

If consumers band together against the Internet Censorship Act like we did against the Mobile Informational Call Act, we can stop this bill in its tracks, too.

Tell your representative to protect our free and open internet and oppose the Internet Censorship Act. Click here to sign the petition.

1. "Terry: Robocalls bill dead, done, buried," Omaha World-Herald, 11-15-2011.

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