Urgent: Call Sen. Harkin: Stop the backroom deal on Keystone XL

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Call Sen. Harkin: Don't cave on the Keystone XL end run.

Dear Friend,

Senate Democrats could be on the verge of caving on the Keystone XL end run as soon as today.

When House Republicans passed their payroll tax cut extension bill on Tuesday which included language to force a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, Senator Harry Reid said "It was dead before it got to the Senate."

But despite that, by late yesterday, The Hill was reporting that a deal, potentially involving the Keystone end run, was in the works as Senators try to return home for the holidays by this weekend.1

There is no excuse, at all, for Democrats to cave to Republican hostage taking and jam through approval of a project that will be "essentially game over" for the climate. Democrats must oppose this project, and this is a moment to call Sen. Harkin and let him know.

Call Sen. Harkin: Don't cave to Republicans on Keystone XL! Click here for an easy script and number to call.

The Republicans' are so indentured to oil companies, they are literally willing to play chicken with the Democrats with government shutdown on the line, to force giveaways to polluters.

And too often, Democrats blink first. According to The Hill, Sen. Max Baucaus said Keystone XL was still in play:

"There's momentum building toward a comprehensive agreement, but there are still a lot of pieces out there," Baucus said.

He added that language expediting the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline, included in the House-passed payroll-tax bill, is still in the mix.

To his credit, President Obama issued a veto threat for the House bill, and said he would "reject," — though not veto — the Keystone provision specifically.

Now, this is a test of the resolve of President Obama and Harry Reid.

Republicans say they want to create jobs — but the only independent review of the Keystone XL Pipeline found that it would create few permanent jobs, and cost more jobs than it would create.2

Democrats need to stand up to Republican hostage taking, and reject any deal that forces a decision on the disastrous Keystone XL Pipeline.

Please call Sen. Harkin now:


Thank you for fighting Keystone XL.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Lawmakers grow confident deal will be reached by weekend," The Hill, December 15, 2011
2. "Cornell Global Labor Institute Study Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create Few Jobs," Tar Sands Action, September 28, 2011

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