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President Obama has delayed the Keystone XL Pipeline! Say thanks, and ask him to reject it once and for all.

Dear Friend,

Thanks to the historic activism and pressure of thousands of people around the country and inspiring leadership from our friend Bill McKibben, what was only months or weeks ago considered a foregone conclusion, has today hit a significant road block.

The State Department and Obama Administration announced today that they will re-evaluate the route of the Keystone XL pipeline, and restart their environmental assessment, which take until at least the beginning of 2013 to complete.

This is huge. The decision is not the same as rejecting the pipeline. But it is a major delay. And it is also an explicit recognition of the inadequacy of the State Department's initial review process. And it is proof that the petitions, phone calls, letters, rallies, and yes, 1,252 arrests, made an enormous impact on this decision.

The Obama Administration has also said that the new evaluation will take into account the enormous climate change impacts of the pipeline. This is important progress, as the climate change pollution produced by this pipeline was not considered in the State Department's initial sham review.

Today, we can celebrate that because of activism (and in particular direct action) by CREDO members and many others, approval for this pipeline will not come this year, and maybe not ever.

Thank President Obama for restarting the pipeline review process, and tell him to reject the pipeline based on the project's massive acceleration of global warming.

Many have speculated that this delay could be the death knell of this project and that pipeline developer TransCanada will give up. We certainly hope so, but our experience with big oil companies is they don't give up billions in potential profits so easily. Indeed, TransCanada issued a statement today saying that "We remain confident Keystone XL will ultimately be approved."

This delay represents incredible progress if not rejection, and we will continue working to make sure this pipeline is not approved, not now, not ever.

We have come a long, long way. Thanks in large part to the magnificent leadership of Bill McKibben and his Tar Sands Action campaign, along with the work of CREDO Action, 350, Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, Rainforest Action Network, Bold Nebraska, Plains Justice, Western Organization of Resource Councils and many other groups, we can today celebrate a victory in this crucial battle.

CREDO Action members played a huge role in this fight. You joined CREDO's CEO Michael Kieschnick and five other CREDO staffers and were arrested in front of the White House. You were in Washington DC last Sunday and encircled the White House with 12,000 others. You sent more than 600,000 petition signatures to President Obama, the State Department and Lisa Jackson. Packed public comment periods and public hearings. Met with your congressional representatives. For the last three weeks solid, hundreds of CREDO activists called the White House and Obama Campaign headquarters, every single day. And CREDO organized 1,000 people to turnout for the largest Obama rally yet outside of an Obama fundraiser, two weeks ago in San Francisco.

These things were noticed. Your actions made an impact. Together we stopped a company and an industry, with virtually unlimited money and influence, from getting their way like they almost always do.

And these all things helped bring about a huge step for a White House that has been reluctant to back up its campaign rhetoric with action on climate.

The pipeline has not been rejected yet. So what we can't do is declare victory and go away. But we can celebrate what is a big win and get ready to keep up the pressure and continue this fight until the pipeline is defeated.

Today is a big day because so many of you showed up, in many different ways, when it mattered. And that's what we need to keep doing.

Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for being part of this continued fight to truly "free America from the tyranny of fossil fuels."

— Michael, Becky, Elijah, Matt, Ali, Josh, Heidi, Jin, Ben, Renee, Mark, Sue and Alec
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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