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This is a do or die moment for a free and open Internet, and President Obama needs to decide which side he is on--ours or the side of the giant telecommunications corporations.

On Wednesday, Obama appointee and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced plans to issue weak, industry-friendly regulations when the FCC meets on Dec. 21st. And in a cynical ploy Genachowski is calling the regulations "net neutrality," when they're nothing of the sort.

President Obama, who promised on the campaign trail to be an advocate for net neutrality, can stand up now and call for stronger rules to protect American consumers, or he can sell us out to the narrow interests of the telecoms.

While the White House initially praised Genachowski's cynical ploy, there is still time to get President Obama to change course and do the right thing.

Can you join me in calling the White House and letting him know we won't settle for fake net neutrality reforms that don't protect us?


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