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Subject: Tell the EPA: Stop toxic oil and gas air pollution

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How can it be that on some days, rural Wyoming is smoggier than the worst days in Los Angeles?

Oil and gas drilling - which is occurring in 30 US states, and releases a slew of dangerous and toxic air pollution like smog-forming ozone, benzene and formaldehyde.

Despite the serious respiratory and neurological impacts, the clean air rules governing drilling pollution haven't been updated since the 1980's. And many of the worst chemicals still aren't regulated at all.

The EPA has proposed long-overdue updates to oil and gas air pollution rules and is accepting public comments until November 30th. Amidst mounting industry and political pressure, it's really important that the EPA hears our strong support.

I just submitted a comment in support of EPA's new rules to regulate toxic air pollution from oil and gas drilling. Learn more and submit one here:

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