Save Bryce Canyon from a dirty coal mine

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Tell the Bureau of Land Management not to allow coal mining near Bryce Canyon National Park.
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Tell the Bureau of Land Management: Protect Bryce Canyon National Park from a new coal mine.

Dear Friend,

Bryce Canyon National Park is a unique, secluded park known for its expansive views, clear air and dark night skies.

But the Bureau of Land Management is on the verge of approving a massive 3,500 acre strip coal mine right next to the park1 that would operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, polluting Bryce's air, water and quiet seclusion.

Despite these significant concerns shown in BLM's own analysis,2 BLM has just proposed that the mine be approved. BLM is currently accepting public comments on its proposal and strong public opposition is needed to convince the BLM to reverse course and reject this dirty coal mine.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management: Don't allow coal mining next to Bryce Canyon National Park. Click here to submit a public comment.

This surface mine would produce two million tons of coal a year, and The Bureau of Land Management's review identified more than a dozen negative impacts this proposed mine is likely to have.

These include air pollution, water pollution, loss of wildlife habitat, increased coal truck traffic and noise levels, adverse effects to recreation resources and an increased risk of fuel spills, solid waste spills and wildfires.

In addition to the problems the BLM identified, burning coal from the proposed mine would also be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, which experts say are now growing faster than previously anticipated worst case scenarios.3

National Parks and federal lands belong to all of us, and BLM needs to hear from people who don't want these special recreation areas and wildlife habitats — especially not Bryce Canyon — to be endangered in order to mine for dirty coal.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management: Don't allow coal mining next to Bryce Canyon National Park. Click here to submit a public comment.

Thanks for fighting to protect Bryce Canyon from the threat of coal mining.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. Dirty Coal Should Stay in the Ground, Natural Resources Defense Council, November 3, 11
2. Alton Coal Tract Lease by Application Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Bureau of Land Management
3. Biggest Jump Ever Seen in Global Warming Gases, Associated Press, November 4, 2011


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