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Here are some ways you can spread the word and make sure Microsoft and other companies think twice before sponsoring another anti-climate event.

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Tell @Microsoft and @billgates: Stop sponsoring the Koch brothers' #climate denial lies @CREDOMobile

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Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Tell Microsoft: Stop sponsoring the Koch's climate lies

Dear Friend,

Microsoft's corporate policy says that climate change requires "a comprehensive and global response" and "dramatic innovations to transition the world to a sustainable low-carbon economy."1

So why was Microsoft a "gold" level sponsor at the Koch brother's Tea Party Conference in Washington, DC last weekend?

It is thoroughly irresponsible for a corporation as mainstream as Microsoft to be backing the radical climate denial lies at the heart of the Koch's conference and fossil fuel agenda. And to do it in clear violation of the company's policy is sheer hypocrisy.

I just signed a petition to help make sure Microsoft is held publicly accountable. You can learn more and add your name too.

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