Tell Sen. Harkin: Answer the question.

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Tell Sen. Harkin: Answer the question.

We need to know who will stand firmly against cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.
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Dear Friend,

On Tuesday, Republicans in the Senate successfully blocked President Obama's jobs bill, despite Democrats gathering 51 votes needed to pass it.

That means, it's negotiating time. And "negotiating" in this fight raises the all too real possibility of Democrats giving in on cuts to Medicare or Medicaid.

If these cuts make it into the jobs bill or Super Committee proposal, Democrats in the Senate will have the power to save or sellout our social safety net. So we're working now to get them on the record about whether they'll support benefit cuts.

We need their response to one simple question.

Tell Sen. Harkin to answer the question: "Will you support cuts to our Medicare or Medicaid benefits? Yes or no?" Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Two weeks ago, we hand delivered a letter to Sen. Harkin's office asking this very question. But we haven't heard back yet.

It's a simple question that should be easy for senators to answer. Cutting benefits of these wildly successful programs would be as unpopular as it is unnecessary. And we cannot let Democratic senators use the jobs bill or coming super committee negotiations on deficit reduction as an excuse to avoid taking a stand.

But Democrats in the Senate already removed a provision in the jobs bill to eliminate oil subsidies, which would have saved over $40 billion dollars.

We know what they might give up next, unless we shore up a solid block of support for Medicare and Medicaid, right now.

Tell Sen. Harkin to answer the question. "Will you support cuts to our Medicare or Medicaid benefits? Yes or no?" Click here to automatically sign the petition.

The Republican caucus in Congress remains committed to opposing tax increases. In fact, all six Republican members of the super committee on deficit reduction have taken Grover Norquist's pledge to oppose any increase in taxes. In the face of an implacable and unified opponent, Democrats must remain equally resolute in their defense of Medicare and Medicaid.

The White House is calling for shared sacrifice, but believes shared sacrifice may mean levying taxes on the ultra-wealthy while cutting benefits for Medicare and Medicaid. We are not buying this attempt at balance.

The middle class and the working poor are already paying their fair share and suffering the most. It's long past time to roll back the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest and the carried interest exception. We don't have to pay for it by throwing the poor, seniors and women under the bus with cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

Stand up for Medicare and Medicaid now. Click here to automatically sign the petition to Sen. Harkin.

Thank you for speaking out. Your activism matters.

Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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