Tell Iowa State University: Stop burning dirty coal on campus

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Tell Iowa State University: Shut down your on-campus coal plant.

Iowa State University shouldn't be polluting the air in your community.
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"College students and community members who live near campus coal plants shouldn't have to breathe dirty air. As someone who lives near your campus, I'm calling on you to publicly commit to retiring your campus coal plant as soon as possible."

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Dear Friend,

When you think of a college campus you probably don't picture respiratory problems, heart attacks, toxic air pollution and premature death.

But nearly 50 colleges in the United States, including Iowa State University, still maintain dirty, coal-fired power plants that poison the air and threaten public health.1

Iowa State University contributes to this by burning coal at its campus plant, and that needs to stop. In order for that to happen, we need to show President Gregory Geoffroy that the local community is opposed to the Iowa State University coal plant.

Tell Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy: Stop polluting the air in our community. Click here to automatically sign the petition now.

Air pollution from coal plants kills an estimated 24,000 Americans each year. It also causes 38,000 heart attacks and more than half a million asthma attacks annually. Most of these impacts are felt within the 30 mile ring of pollution that surrounds coal plants like the one at Iowa State University.

Working with the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and Energy Action coalition and other groups, we're building pressure on the remaining coal-burning academic institutions to immediately make a public commitment to shut down their campus coal plants.

Schools that have shut down their campus coal plants in recent years include Cornell University, Ball State University and my Alma matter Miami University. Students and community members won those victories by launching petitions, meeting with university administrators and using other tactics to build public pressure on the schools to do the right thing.

It is going to take similar efforts and a big show of public opposition to get Iowa State University to stop burning coal on campus.

Tell Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy: Stop polluting the air in our community. Click here to automatically sign the petition now.

Thanks for fighting for clean air.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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