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Tell U.S. food companies: Americans don't want Monsanto's GMO sweet corn in our grocery stores!

We need huge opposition to Monsanto's first straight-to-table vegetable.
No Monsanto GMO sweet corn!

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"As a consumer, I refuse to purchase Monsanto's new genetically-modified sweet corn and urge you to avoid this potentially toxic product. Please protect your customers and reject this new GMO corn."

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Dear Friend,

Right now, Monsanto, the corporation responsible for producing roughly 90% of genetically modified seeds around the globe, is working to bring their new, GMO sweet corn to a grocery store aisle or farmer's market near you.1

Unlike Monsanto's other GMO crops — which are primarily fed to animals — this sweet corn is intended for direct human consumption.

This is the first time Monsanto has engineered a vegetable that could be served straight to your dinner table. It's health impacts on humans are largely unknown — but if this unlabeled, and potentially dangerous products succeeds, Monsanto is sure to bring us even more.

As an activist and consumer, you are in a powerful position to pressure leading U.S. grocery stores to reject Monsanto's new GMO corn.

Tell U.S. food companies: Americans don't want Monsanto's GMO sweet corn in our grocery stores! Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Monsanto's GMO sweet corn is engineered to tolerate the herbicide Roundup, and to produce the insect-killing toxin Bt.

These modifications have been shown to lead to some serious health problems in animals who eat them.

A study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences found that Monsanto's GMO corn led to organ failure in mammals.2 This GMO corn has also recently been linked to a new pathogen causing crop failure and a sharp spike in livestock infertility — as high as 20%. But despite the warnings of one of the nation's leading plant pathologists that more study was needed to determine potential health impacts on humans, the USDA rapidly approved this corn for us to eat.3

Even worse, lobbyists for Monsanto and others in the chemical and agribusiness industry have successfully fought tooth and nail to keep GMO products totally unlabeled. So shockingly, consumers are being denied the right to know if they're purchasing Monsanto's new genetically modified sweet corn.

Tell U.S. grocery stores: Americans don't want Monsanto's GMO sweet corn! Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Some of Monsanto's GMO corn is already in human food — used to make additives in processed food products — and even in small quantities it's having scary effects.

This past spring a Canadian study found that the GMO toxin inserted in Bt corn was found in the bloodstreams of 93 percent of pregnant women4 — just from its presence in processed grains and highly processed food products.

This finding challenges the industry's long-held claim that Bt poses no threat to humans because it breaks down quickly in the gut. Rather, Bt appears to persist in the body, and potential lasting impacts merit a great deal more study.

But instead of more study, grocery stores could be on the verge of delivering up GMO corn in much higher doses and without processing — and we wouldn't even know what we were eating.

We must raise our voice as consumers and urge grocery stores to reject Monsanto's potentially dangerous new product, and stop this dangerous trend of Monsanto-made, straight to table products.

Tell U.S. food companies: Americans don't want Monsanto's GMO sweet corn in our grocery stores! Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for standing up to Monsanto and its dangerous GMO products.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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