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Obama pledged to put solar panels on the White House by this spring.

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There hasn't been much for environmentalists to cheer about when it comes to federal action to combat climate change.

But back in October of 2010, we did win a small, but symbolically important victory. The Obama Administration committed to install solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the White House by spring of 2011, following an ongoing campaign by our friends at

June 21 is the last day of spring — but there are no solar panels on the White House, yet. It's time for President Obama to make good on his promise.

Tell Obama: Stand by your commitment and put solar panels on the White House. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Putting solar on the White House is a simple and easy commitment on climate action.

President Obama can fulfill it without any interference from Congress. The coal industry doesn't get to weigh in. No oil lobbyist needs to be placated with extra drilling leases to make it happen.

It has been done before — Jimmy Carter installed solar panels in 1979, before Ronald Reagan took them down — and it can be done again in a mere 72 hours.2

Plus, this is thoroughly in line with the President's clean energy agenda. Yet even as President Obama continues to tout this agenda — he's made 23 speeches and 10 domestic trips centered on clean energy and green jobs3 — he is missing an easy opportunity to lead by example and send a strong message about the importance of clean energy and the viability of solar.

Tell Obama: Stand by your commitment and put solar on the White House. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Extreme weather events, environmental disasters, and high gas prices have set a perfect opportunity for clear communication from the President about the catastrophe we face, and for urgent, strong leadership to move our nation away from dirty fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, President Obama has yet to truly seize the moment, and has made too many bad environmental decisions, including expansion of offshore drilling, opening new areas to coal mining and delaying crucial clean air rules.

While we will continue to fight for progress at the state and federal level on broader measures to stop dirty coal and protect the Clean Air Act, we think President Obama ought to follow through on one of the simplest, easiest commitments on climate action: His pledge last year to put solar panels on the White House by spring, 2011.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 83% of Americans want the government to do more to support solar.4 President Obama should start by putting his own house in order — the White House — and install the solar panels he promised.

Tell Obama: Stand by your commitment and put solar on the White House. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. Two Weeks For President Obama to Meet His Deadline To Return Solar To The White House," Think Progress, June 9 2011
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