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Subject: Tell Sen. Durbin: Don't put Social Security on the chopping block.

Dear Friend,

On Sunday, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the second most powerful Democrat in the Senate, told ABC News that he was open to putting Social Security on the table as part of a negotiation about the federal budget deficit.

It is simply absurd for Social Security to even come up in the context of the federal deficit.

Social Security is one of the greatest anti-poverty programs in our country's history and is wildly popular. In addition, despite fear-mongering to the contrary, Social Security is currently running a surplus, will be fully solvent for decades, and is prohibited by law from adding to the deficit.

It's time for Sen. Dick Durbin to stop treating Social Security like it's nothing more than a political bargaining chip.

I just signed a petition telling Sen. Durbin not to put Social Security on the chopping block. I hope you will too.

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