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Just a reminder that our special offer — including our lowest phone prices, contract buyout credit and a $50 donation to support NPR — expires Friday. So switch now and make your mobile bill payments to a company that shares your progressive values. Call us at 877-346-0516 (mention special offer code 301598) or go online to get started.
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$50 donation to public radio for each new member that joins CREDO Mobile with this offer.
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We'll donate $50 to the NPR Foundation for every person who signs up with this offer.*


Members of the House Tea Party Caucus, supported by the GOP leadership in Congress, are on a slash-and-burn campaign aimed at anything remotely progressive. No money for reproductive health services for women, or for regulating greenhouse gas emissions, or for community health centers, and so on. You get the picture. One of their targets is public broadcasting — the kind provided by PBS and NPR — which is part of the counterweight to corporate media.

At CREDO Mobile, America's only progressive phone company, we oppose the Tea Party agenda. While AT&T and Verizon Wireless contributed $386,000 and $35,500 respectively to members of the House Tea Party Caucus in the 2010 elections, CREDO has donated more than $65 million since 1985 to nonprofits like Planned Parenthood, Media Matters for America and Democracy Now.

To counter the assault on NPR, we'll make a $50 donation to the NPR Foundation for every person who takes this offer and becomes a CREDO customer. Join the fight. Join CREDO Mobile.

LG Optimus S, BlackBerry Bold, Samsung Seek Special Offer: Get our cheapest phone prices, a contract buyout credit of up to $200 per line (up to 3 lines)*, and we'll send $50 to the NPR Foundation.

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* With two-year CREDO Mobile service agreement. $50 donation for every line that stays with CREDO over 30 days. Offer available only to new CREDO Mobile customers and subject to credit qualification. Activation fee of $30/line applies. Rates do not include applicable taxes and surcharges or international charges. Contract buyout credit: We will credit your CREDO Mobile account (up to $200 per line, up to 3 lines) after you send us the contract buyout credit form, with proof of your prior carrier's termination fee charges.

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