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Subject: Tell Senate Democrats: Stand up and fight

Dear Friend,

The contrast between the Democratic state senators from Wisconsin and the Democratic senators in Washington, D.C. couldn't be starker.

In the face of extreme overreach by Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in the state house, 14 Wisconsin state senators stood up and fought for almost a month.

Senator Majority leader Harry Reid, on the other hand, took less than 12 hours to signal the Senate was willing to cave on Republican cuts to the budget.

As Republicans wage a fierce war on progressive policies under the false pretense of "deficit reduction," Harry Reid and other Washington D.C. Democrats shouldn't simply cave -- they should take this opportunity to call out Republican extremism, hold radical right-wing extremists accountable before the American people, and declare they will stand their ground for the environment, working families, womens health and the sake of our economic recovery.

In other words: It's time for D.C. Democrats to take a lesson from Wisconsin.

I just signed a petition to Senate Democrats. Please join me and tell Senate Democrats: Stand up and fight.

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