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New Senate legislation threatens to delay or derail the Clean Air Act.

Sen. Harkin: Fight for clean air, not big polluters.
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Any vote to strip — or delay — the Clean Air Act's climate authority is a vote for big polluters and against my health. Please oppose every effort to delay our crucial fight against climate change.

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Dear Friend,

On Monday, we sent public comments from more than 68,000 CREDO Action members to the EPA in support of their crucial effort to limit carbon pollution and other greenhouse gasses. Just in time.

The same day, Senator Jay Rockefeller launched his first attack on the Clean Air Act by introducing a bill to delay for two years the EPA's ability to limit climate pollution. Already, six other conservative Democrats have signed on as co-sponsors.

We simply cannot afford any more delays in dealing with climate change. But we can stop this attack, and others, if we make sure enough Senators oppose it — and we're relying on Sen. Harkin to hold the line.

Tell Sen. Harkin: Oppose the Senate attacks on the EPA and Clean Air Act. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thanks to record high levels of climate denial and big polluter influence in Congress, Clean Air Act supporters in the Senate are now in a minority.

This is a perilous situation to be sure.

We don't have any votes to spare to defend the EPA from hostile legislation like Rockefeller's, or to stop Republican attempts to hold EPA funding hostage as part of negotiations on other must-pass legislation, like the upcoming vote to raise debt ceiling.

We're depending on Sen. Harkin to stand with us — not with big polluters and others who deny the devastating reality of climate change, and not with those who seek to undermine our most proven tool to protect our health and confront this threat.

Tell Sen. Harkin: A vote to delay the fight against climate change is a vote for big polluters and against public health. Defend the EPA! Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for fighting attacks on clean air.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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