More ways to tell Dems to stand their ground

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Here are some ways you can spread the word to make sure Democratic leaders stand their ground against Republican budget extremism.

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Tell Democratic leaders: Don't cave! No backroom deals with Republican budget extremists. @CREDOMobile

You can also send the following e-mail to your friends and family. Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

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Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Tell Democratic Leadership: Don't cave to Republican extremists on the budget.

Dear Friend,

It's breathtaking to think that the Republicans would risk a government shutdown because Democrats won't unilaterally capitulate to their demands for concessions in some of the most intractable ideological wars of our time.

The Republicans have shown no willingness to compromise on any of their extreme demands -- including devastating cuts to Planned Parenthood, NPR, and the EPA -- in their version of a "Continuing Resolution," which must pass by March 4th, to keep the government from shutting down

If Democrats don't stand their ground now, Republican demands will only become more radical in the future. But already there are reports that Democrats are trying to cut a backroom deal to meet some of these extremist demands.

I just signed a petition asking Democratic leaders to stand their ground against Republican extremism. Will you sign too to help make sure they don't cave?

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