Tell Iowa Republicans: Focus on jobs, not judges

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Tell Iowa Republicans: Focus on jobs, not judges.

Tell Republican leadership to focus on issues important to Iowa's working-class families, not out-of-state special interests.
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Send an email directly to Iowa House Speaker Kraig Paulsen and Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer telling them to focus on jobs, not judges.

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Dear Friend,

With more than 100,000 Iowans unemployed and an economy whipped by recession, you'd think the number one priority of our elected officials would be jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

Think again.

In the days building up to Iowa's 2011 state legislative session, it appears all that Republican legislators can focus on is impeaching the four remaining justices of the Iowa Supreme Court who ruled unanimously for marriage equality.

One of the Republican lawmakers drafting the impeachment legislation, Rep. Tom Shaw, even called ousting the remaining judges "the most important issue facing us right now."1

Really? More important than fixing the economy and getting Iowans back to work?

Tell Iowa Republican leadership to focus on creating jobs, not hyper-partisan impeachment proceedings. Click here to send a message directly to House Speaker Kraig Paulsen and Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, given that out-of-state hate groups like the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage dumped millions of dollars into Iowa's 2010 election cycle, attempting to buy seats for any Republican willing to support their anti-gay extremism.2

But what makes this debate even more ridiculous is it's completely unwarranted and unprecedented. No Iowa judge, and only 13 federal judges, have ever been impeached. And those impeachments were based on criminal actions, not judicial rulings.

Even some Republicans have come out in opposition to the proceedings, like newly elected Gov. Terry Branstad who told reporters that disagreeing with the opinion isn't grounds to call for impeachment.

With so many significant challenges facing Iowans in 2011, we can't afford to waste time on hyper-partisan issues pushed by out-of-state special interests.

Send a message directly to Iowa Republican leadership, telling them to focus on jobs, not judges.

Thank you for standing up for equality.

Mark Anthony Dingbaum, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Republicans continue impeachment push over Branstad opposition," Jason Hancock, Iowa Independent, 1-06-11.

2. "In Iowa, Voters Oust Judges Over Marriage Issue," A. G. Sulzberger, The New York Times, 11-03-2010.


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