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Here are some ways you can spread the word to make sure Sarah Palin gets the message that violent threats have consequences and that they have no place in American democracy.

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Subject: Tell Sarah Palin: Violent threats have consequences

Dear Friend,

Our hearts are heavy for the victims of the tragedy in Arizona. We must put a stop to the escalating hate rhetoric of the right and its very specific calls to armed violent action. Lines of decency have been crossed.

Sarah Palin has a special responsibility and opportunity in the wake of the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. For it was Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin alone who earlier put the crosshairs of a gun on Rep. Giffords. But so far, rather than signaling a willingness to change her language going forward, Palin controversially labeled our calls to renounce violent eliminationist rhetoric as "blood libel" -- a term which itself invokes a long and violent history of anti-semitism.

I'm joining CREDO Action in calling on Sarah Palin to renounce the use of shooting images in political rhetoric immediately, and stop using her platform to promote and validate violent calls to action on the right.

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