New Phone Prices + $50 to sustainable food; happy birthday to the First Lady

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Michelle Obama doesn't know it, but we're celebrating her birthday — with a special donation!
Michelle Obama
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We'll donate $50 to Food Democracy Now for every member who signs up with this offer.


First Lady Michelle Obama is all about healthy living. She planted a 1,500-square foot organic garden at the White House — which now grows artichokes, spinach, peas, carrots, bok choy, broccoli and more. She launched Let's Move, an organization to combat childhood obesity. And she has begun a national conversation about eating right, buying local and building sustainable food systems.

You can celebrate her birthday by being a "locavore" — buying local and organic food... and by joining CREDO! We're celebrating with a $50 donation for every person who takes this offer and joins America's only progressive phone company. The donation will go to Food Democracy Now, a grassroots community dedicated to building a food system that "protects our natural environment, sustains farmers and nourishes families."

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  P.S. The First Lady didn't endorse this deal — or this donation. We just like her — and her cause of healthy living.  

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