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Subject: Stop Sarah Palin's "Nature" show

Dear Friend,

The media conglomerate Discovery Communications used to be known for their earth-friendly offerings. But they've just paid millions to Sarah Palin to host a "nature" show, despite her decidedly anti-environmental stance: She vocally advocates for habitat-destroying oil drilling, she denies global warming is a human-caused threat, and she spearheaded a brutal wolf-slaughter program as governor of Alaska.

It's one thing if Fox News gives Sarah Palin a platform. But when Discovery Communications -- home to the Discovery Channel, the "Planet Earth" series, the Science Channel, Animal Planet, and -- gives a show to Sarah Palin, it undercuts everything the Discovery brand has come to represent.

Anti-environmentalism has no place in the Discovery Communications lineup. Join me in demanding that the company cancel "Sarah Palin's Alaska" before it airs. Just click on the link below to send your message.

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