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Dear Progressive Activist,

I was surprised when a friend called to say that Glenn Beck had attacked CREDO on his show. Then I watched it. Beck not only came after us, he put my picture on his infamous blackboard, and called out five great nonprofits that we're proud to fund. Beck went on and on, spinning wild conspiracy theories.

I got the message. Beck wants to intimidate me, you and the nonprofits we fund. But I have a message back. I am proud to be on Beck's blackboard. Proud to alert the American people to the distortions and hate spewing from Fox News. And proud that my phone helps fund groups that Glenn Beck wants to intimidate. So please check out the offer below and join us. You'll be joining the fight against the right wing.

— Michael Kieschnick, President

CREDO Mobile | more than a network. a movement.


SOONER OR LATER, IT HAD TO HAPPEN. At CREDO, we've been fighting the right wing with our activist network and with millions in donations to progressive nonprofits. We figured our punches were landing. We were right.

ON MONDAY, GLENN BECK TARGETED CREDO MOBILE ON HIS SHOW — putting us and our friends on his infamous blackboard. Upset about our actions against Sarah Palin's Alaska on the Discovery Channel, Beck said ludicrous things about CREDO and about some of the great nonprofit groups we fund, like Media Matters for America, Color of Change and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

HE CALLED US ALL "SPOOKY EVIL DUDES." We doubt that Beck would call companies like AT&T that. After all, AT&T contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to right-wing politicians, like Michele Bachmann and her House Tea Party Caucus members.

SO MAKE THE SWITCH AND JOIN CREDO MOBILE, America's only progressive phone company. The more members we have, the harder we can fight blowhards like Beck.

There is one thing that Beck got right during his tirade against us: He said CREDO practices "progressive philanthropy and activism."

Since 1985, CREDO has raised more than $65 million for nonprofits like the ones Beck named. And our CREDO Action network of 1.5 million activists fights for progressive causes like net neutrality, marriage equality and a woman's right to choose.

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So act now and get a great deal — and the satisfaction of knowing that your phone company is on Glenn Beck's hit list.

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  "Before I knew about CREDO, I was giving close to a thousand dollars a year to an undeserving, multi-billion-dollar corporation.... I never thought I would belong to a cell phone company that I would enjoy giving my money to. I would much rather support a company that stands for progressive change." — Rachel F., CREDO Mobile member

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